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You’re invited to represent your city in the Millionaire Productivity Habits early access group.
However because there are other eligible people in your area, and we want to make sure only the most committed clients have access to Millionaire Productivity Habits Crash Course, you must agree to the following rules:
  • Be Fully Committed To Finding Your ONE Thing
    The course forces you to look at your current situation and be honest with yourself. Without true measures you will not be able to properly identify the progress & success you will experience. 
  • Be Careful Not To take Too Many New Projects
    The techniques and methods we teach in the course will improve your productivity. As a result you will get more done in less time. You will have more free time and will be tempted to take on more projects. Remember focus on your ONE thing. 
  • Do Not Quit Your Job Or Ask For A Promotion Within The First 66 Days
    Your newfound skills will allow your work & talent to shine brighter than ever. You will realize you possess everything you need to get that promotion or start your own business. However, the course is designed to build new habits that take 66 days to develop. So if you want to make a move, allow ample time for these habits to kick in. 
  • There is no guarantee you’ll be given the $100 instant discount.
    This is a limited time discount, we cannot guarantee that this promotion will always be available. Hurry to the next page to make sure you’ve secured your spot and locked down your discount.
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